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Lost Ark Faceting Guide

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For those who don't know exactly how it works, faceting skill stones in the Lost Ark can be a bit confusing and frustrating at first.

Once players have reached level 50 in the Lost Ark and obtained their Tier 1 set, they must become familiar with faceting the Dexterity Stonecutter. "Faceting" a gemstone is a practice of cutting and/or polishing the stone to remove inclusions or make it more aesthetically pleasing. For example, a diamond is faceted before being embedded in a piece of jewellery.

The Lost Ark is all about "faceting" these legendary stones of art. H. remove unwanted parts to improve the stone. However, with each aspect there is a chance that the stone will deteriorate or even break, reducing the skill score. To avoid misunderstanding or exploiting this system, let's take a closer look at faceting.

What is a Skill Stone?
The Lost Ark - Comparing the stat benefits of two ability stones
Introduced at level 50 along with Tier 1 Armor, Skill Stones essentially give players more control over the exact sculpt they want to max out and when they want to max it out. In addition, each jump to the next level of skill stones usually results in a larger overall increase in vitality attributes as well.

All three classes have Rare, Epic, Legendary, and even Relic ability stones in a variety of tier markers, with the main difference between rarities being how many nodes they have for each of the three tiers. Just like the two slots available for each person to engrave, Skill Stones are the greatest way to add even two more to a given engraver.

how do they work

In short, players attempt to facet every node in all three lines of the faceting menu, and they either succeed or fail. If they are successful, the node will be refilled and that node will then be applied to that particular carving (if equipped) (AKA Cursed Doll +4 becomes +5 if a Cursed Doll +1 skill stone is equipped). However, if the faceting attempt fails, the slot will remain empty and unusable for that skill stone. So assuming there are ten potential node bonuses on a skill stone, only two or three of them will fill in depending on the luck of the attempt, and if gear honing is any indication, those chances can be pretty brutal at times.

Also, the third row of each skill stone is actually a negative effect known as reduced ability, such as: B. reduced defense or movement speed, so a failed faceting attempt in this row is actually only beneficial.

Each successful faceting attempt reduces the chance of success on the next attempt by 10% (a 75% chance of success at AKA reduces the chance of success on the next attempt to 65%), and each failure increases the chance of success on the next attempt at faceting, so it's a real balancing act to do can result in particularly unlucky players feeling negative about the game as a whole. Typically, players tend to use their highest percentage of successful faceting attempts on the two blue lines they care about most, their medium chance (45% to 55%) on the other blue line, and their lowest chance of success (0% to 35%) on the bottom red line.

The Lost Ark - Trial of Skill Stones in the Market
Since skill stones are awarded at a fairly even rate, players may subconsciously realize that they have a lot of them and that they can actually place them on the auction house (rather than the marketplace). However, it must be said that once a stone has undergone an attempt at faceting, it can no longer be traded or auctioned. Depending on the market situation, selling these stones can be worthwhile because you can earn a large chunk of gold in one fell swoop.

The obvious appeal of the game is to remove bricks with useless carvings and use the dust from the skill cutter to craft new random bricks, but that's not the best use overall. Keep in mind that ability stones can be very useful or useless depending on how you're trying to facet them, and people will actually pay a lot of gold lost ark for the best chance of getting them.

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