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NES -> SNES 'converter'?

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I have seen a few r0mz on the internet which seem to be fully working NES games converted to work on a SNES.

--- Quote ---AS - Mario Bro (NES Hack).smc

"_6@DDD@D@D@DDD@D@D@DDD" [Bad checks
um] LoROM, Corrupt, ROM, NTSC, SRAM:
Corrupt, ID:----, CRC32:5D59BBC6
--- End quote ---

They work OK in SNES9x and I tried a couple on the SNES Myth, they didn't work, although they are NTSC and I have a PAL SNES (and carts of course) I assumed that to be the problem.

Anyway, having read a few websites about the SNES, a lot of people seem to agree than the SNES should be backwards compatible with the NES yet Nintendo did nothing with that.

Does anyone know how these games were converted to run on the SNES and would it help in anyway to creating a NES emulator/converter for the SNES Myth?

The 65816 has an emulation mode which is compatible with the 6502. A lot of work would have to be done to patch memory accesses to certain areas, convert graphics data, and (especially) sound data/code.
For more details you should probably ask tomaitheous over at the nesdev forum, since he has ported a few NES games to the TurboGrafx (also a 6502:ish-based console), or Memblers who wrote an NSF player for the SNES.

well because Nintendo planed Compatibility for NES Games on the SNES there is a NES Mode in the PPU but I dont know how to activate it!


--- Quote ---on the SNES there is a NES Mode in the PPU
--- End quote ---
Do you have a credible source to back that claim up with? I know that both 2-bpp and 4-bpp layers are available on the SNES PPU, but I've never heard of it having something like the NES's attribute tables for example.

we are trying to make one HW to let SNES play nes/fc cart on it  ::sm-29.gif::


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