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Title: 5 Marketing Failures You Should Learn A Bit
Post by: filterfar on October 27, 2020, 06:03:43 PM

Marketing (Marketing) has the ultimate goal, it is the cause of trading. Simple marketing That even four children can think of, for example, advertising itself

The principles of advertising as you are generally aware, such as choosing a famous presenter. Using video with music for advertising work Using the voice of a voice actor to describe the properties of the product. (Which sometimes really boast a lot) and then mobilize in various media such as TV, radio, billboard, magazine, newspaper, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In any case, the marketing as mentioned above Is that "Need to spend money" almost all of them. Just think about doing it, you have to have enough budget to meet your goals. Showing that if he persists in the  slotxo ( market without thoughtfulness Sometimes even to the point "Tumpraklala River pattern" ever.Bad marketing is like putting money to burn. The important thing is that many That case might have triggered a national story. Or a global conflict Not convinced, you can watch the news of many false advertising.
So I would like to share with you the marketing that makes what you do so fail that you can learn and set with precaution.


1. I think the methods of working in the past are good.

Sticking to past successes doesn't change over the ages or times, such as focusing on traditional advertising or marketing on TV when your prospects or potential buyers fled away. Everything else in the mobile phone already It may cause the risk of burning money to play. Plus, there is a chance that new competitors will "burn you to play" as well, so you should not make excuses for this kind of reason and refuse to do anything new. With more modern marketing tools More targeted to the target audience This will allow your business to adapt to the times.

2. Not sure where the real target audience is.

Target Audience is similar to corporate sales leads. For example, you run a diaper sales business. Your target audience is mother and child. You market a pickup truck. The target audience should be working age, male, etc. Marketing without information will make you. "Groping the target is not correct" causing the advertising work that comes out that cannot reach the target audience For example, you are marketing to focus on teenagers. Instead, choose stars that teenagers don't know or are not as crazy as the old generation, for example.


3. Ignore competitors

Competitors are another obstacle that you have to face. Especially competitors who do the same product as you Failure to do research or look at what competitors are doing is truly catastrophic. Because the marketing of competitors may be much better than you Resulting in sales to the competitor side more So you need to study what your competitors do every step of the way and measure their actions against you every step of the way.

4. Miscommunication

Communication is what marketers need to think and have ideas for both text, audio, images, animation. Able to communicate to the heart of the audience (Target audience) is the best, but the bad marketing is to use these things as a non-target audience. Makes the recipient feel that they do not know what is not interesting and should not answer anything As a result, there is no purchase amount, or the target audience has seen it and feels indifferent. Then forget Gone after the marketing is over

5. Too many competitors that there is no difference

It is natural in this world that rich people are born. Nobody will give you the opportunity to be rich alone. The world will always create competitors. Almost every business has a competitor. Much less depends on the difficulty of the business itself. For example, the technology innovation business may not have many competitors because it is difficult to copy. (But there are competitors anyway), etc. In your market with competitors. You will fall into a game of dividing. "Market Share" (Market Share) anyway, there is no way to eat it. Plus, too many competitors will make your product less different, such as mobile phones, smartphones that today iPhones are no longer a god. Virtually no different with Chinese mobile Marketing is so so As a result, overall global sales have declined.