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Title: Review [English]
Post by: The One on May 07, 2005, 02:50:51 AM
Returning home today I was greeted by a DHL Express package. Eagerly opening the package I discovered a very small ‘NEO Flash’ box. The packaging is just as you see on the NEO Flash website ( ) but the image there is deceptive, the box is, in fact, very small. Opening the package I discovered a tidily packed NEO Flash set containing a USB Slim Loader III, a NEO Flash DS cartridge, a NEO Flash GBA Flash cartridge, a USB extension cable (for the Slim Loader), a mini-CD containing all of the latest drivers (as of April 28th 2005), three batteries and a sticker. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the products that were set out before me.

Inserting the included mini-CD I proceeded to install the NEO Flash software and USB drivers. The install went smoothly. Inserting my NEO Flash GBA flash cartridge into the Slim Loader III I opened the “NEO Power Kit” found on your C:\ drive (or other install directory depending on your choice during install). The GUI seems daunting at first but upon closer inspection you can see that it is fairly self explanatory. One bonus was this latest batch sent out to testers included the latest version of their software ( 0.8 ), if you receive a previous version just go to and download a newer version.

Flashing homebrew software to the cartridge is very easy and user friendly. You will not have any problems in doing so. The transfer times are fast to the cartridge and the boot times are equally as fast. I tested DSPaint 0.2 and a number of other DS and GBA demos with the cartridge which all worked flawlessly. NEO Flash also works with commercial GBA, Text files, HTML, HTM, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, commercial NES roms, commercial Sega SMS roms, PC-E roms, commercial Gameboy roms and, finally, commercial NDS roms.

Its ability to emulate older console’s games and such is permitted by a number of bundled homebrew emulators that are installed with the NEO Flash Power Kit. However, the ability to load images and text files was not bundled in the package; you will have to download this software separately.

Overall, there is little for me to complain about. The construction of all the different parts was excellent with many small but useful innovations such as the short USB cable from the Slim Loader for portable ease of use. I was very pleased with the NEO Flash. It is an impressive piece of hardware and is very easy to use. I would recommend anyone interested in an easy solution to load commercial roms, homebrew demos and more to purchase this. For those of you who are looking for an alternative you can replace the DS firmware or you can use WifiMe or a PassMe to load homebrew files.

In conclusion I have written the following pros and cons:

Pros –
Cons –
Clearly the “Pros” out number the “Cons” marking the high quality of this hardware.

I’d like to say thanks to NEO Flash for sending me a complimentary 512M version.

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Title: Re: Review [English]
Post by: Dr.neo on May 07, 2005, 03:21:38 AM
good job,but i want to pohto also  ;D