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Title: Can't format card - "USB Device Error"
Post by: goldenegg on March 19, 2011, 12:36:34 AM
I've had the Super MD cart for nearly 2 years now.  For the past few months, my cart has been in storage.  I finally pulled it out today and decided to update it.  I installed the latest 1.11 Manager and it said the card was out of data and needed formatting.  When trying to format, it only goes a few percent and then stops with the error "USB Device Error! Please re-plug the USB device and try refresh again!".

So I unplug and re-plug the slim loader and try again, but the same error occurred.  I then tried another slim loader I had, along with the Super MD cart.  Both had the same error.  I then tried a second Neo 2 SD card ... same problem.

I read some posts on the forum which suggested trying older versions of the Neo software.  I tried 3.04, 2.93 and 2.5 and continued to have the same issue.

Since I use Windows XP in a Parallels VM, I also tried a Windows laptop and desktop and continue to have the same problem.

At this point, both of my Neo 2SD cards are useless until I find a way to fix this problem.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated!