Author Topic: [2006-09-12] Neo2 Manager V1.2,support NDS rom  (Read 2547 times)

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[2006-09-12] Neo2 Manager V1.2,support NDS rom
« on: September 12, 2006, 03:19:14 PM »

[2006-09-12] Neo2 Manager V1.2

1. Fix the bug of can't add the GBC rom

2. Upgrade the NEO2 GBA loader,now please use A button to start the GBA game, and use B button to start the GBA Emulator,like NES/SEGA SMS/movie player etc...

3. Support NDS rom already. How to run nds rom:
   [1] Re-format your NEO-Lite by the FAST format mode (NDS mode don't support the NEO2 FAT function yet,so maybe some NDS game will have little problem still);
   [2] Use "MK4-Mini patcher V1.2 for NEO2.exe" (you can find it in C:\NEO2 Manager\MK4-Mini patcher V1.2 for NEO2) to patch the rom on your PC;
   [3] Add this single nds rom and burn ti (notice: it don't support multi NDS rom yet,it can detect the first NDS rom only);
   [4] Plug your MK4-Mini (can't use the MK4-Key,because the MK4-key without EEPROM save) to NDS slot,and Neo2-Lite to GBA slot,turn on your NDS,then can you see it runs. If you want to play GBA roms,you can remove the MK4 from NDS slot then boot again,you will see the NEO2 GBA manager screen.

 Tips: you can burn the first NDS game to the first position,and add more GBA games after it,so your NEO2-lite can run them correctly when you use MK4-Mini to boot or remove it.

4. Fix the bug of can't add NEO2 Manager icon on the desk.

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