Author Topic: [2006-10-13] Neo2 Manager V1.5 [competibility of GBA game over 99%]  (Read 3459 times)

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[2006-10-13] Neo2 Manager V1.5
1. Upgrade the FAT module,please re-format your neo2-lite cart before you use it.
2. Upgrade the NEO2 GBA menu core again,can support the CLEAN ROM of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance serial / Premier Manager serial and Pokemon Fushigi na Dungeon etc. , not need any patcher with it! Now the competibility of GBA game is over 99% already.
3. Finish the SRAM Backup / Restore function, you can transfer the SRAM save data between PC and neo2-lite form now.

BTW: IF you can see some games don't work still,please let us know,we can make the GBA compatibility near 100%  fianlly :P

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