Author Topic: About the "FAKE" mk5 review require  (Read 18322 times)

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About the "FAKE" mk5 review require
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:10:34 PM »
the FREE mk5 8G for review!
if you are the webmaster for your famous gaming/dev/download/news/review site,you can apply the MK5 8G cart for review!

and here is the review collection too

when you finish your review,please post to here too,i'll collect it.


the review list:

#1 --- Official ISO-420 Certified Review of the MK5 GIGA,3742.0.html

#2 --- (in French)

#3 ---

#4 ---

#4 ---

#5 ---

#6 ---

#7 --- DCEmu Review

#8 ---

#9 ---

#10 ---

more review is coming...

About the "FAKE" mk5 review require :
we have got many MK5 review requirement, and send out a lot of FREE MK5  for these requirement  too, but we just got less than 1/5 real MK5 review till now...

from now,all the MK5 reviewer who make the real review and have report in here will  AUTO receive our FREE review kit in the future , like the coming MK6-Motion, we will start to follow this review list, the FAKE reviewer will get nothing anymore.

more info:,3796.0.html
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