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Title: [Guidelines] for submitting a bug - READ FIRST
Post by: cory1492 on January 22, 2006, 11:22:09 PM
This forum is not for discussion threads, but bug reports. Discussion after an intial report is fine, but starting threads here for discussion only will get the post either moved or deleted.

Future releases after MK2/3 menu 0.5 should include a known bugs list. If you come across something that is not listed please post it here.

Start a new thread and please fill in anything that is in {} with your information, dont include the {}

Template for submitting a bug:

in the subject line put:
[bug] {program and version}

in the message area put:
Hardware: {list your DS hardware and which Magic Key you are using, if any}
Flashme: {yes/no and version if you know it}
{put your bug info here - please try to be as descriptive as possible and include a method to reproduce the problem}