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The Penthouse season 2, the first episode, the ratings are so strong.



Fast-growing series from Korea Serve in an instant. The Penthouse 2, which has left the fun like mindset since the first season. Season two followed closely after the end of Season 1 on   slotxo   January 6, 2021. Today (20 February 2021) SS2 is broadcast in our home. The kind that does not need to remember much Because it just ended recently It is the first story that SS2 serves really fast after it aired in Korea on the 19th ago, it can be called Korea On Pup. We are on immediately with Thai sub that is faster than light.

In Korea, he has changed the broadcasting date a little. From the first season airing on Monday and Tuesday, “The Penthouse 2” will air on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 PM on KST, which means that the Thai fanatic will be able to go crazy and be ready. Para 2 tablets, psychedelic preparation is heavier than SS1 on Saturday - Sunday. As for the Korean audience's SS2 ratings, according to Nielsen Korea, the first episode hit the average national rating of 16.7 percent. This is even stronger than the debut of the first season as well.

The first season closes with Shim Soo Ryun (Lee Ji Ah) 's death, where viewers cheered and mourned her passing, leaving Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) framed as the murderer. Her life, in spite of the real killer, we all know who it is. In the end, Oh Yoon Hee is captured by Min Seol Ah's brother Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk), hoping to get revenge for Shim Soo Ryun. And stuck with Oh Yoon Hee's kind of bargain

A wide open-ended closure Plus sent a feeling of excitement and encouragement to the audience Who would like to know the next event It makes SS2's wait hopeful and fun-lovingly unpredictable. Of course, the audience does not want spoilers. But the tour was finally able to post an SBS broadcaster because she missed out on spoiling SS2's content on her YouTube channel. Before the creator releases the trailer. To accelerate the speed until the difficulty But the ability of Netizen as an online detective Then pull the speed to slow down until finally compelling The drama is going to happen. Until SBS anchor Kim Soo Min had to barely delete the clip. ~sm-67.gif~.gif


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