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the NEO 8in1 PSP PAD installing instruction (with photo)

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the NEO 8in1 PSP pad installing instruction (with photo)


Memory functions:
* Use SD/MMC or CF/MicroDrive like a standard SONY memory stick
(it's one option,all memory card or MicroDrive not included in the retail box)
* SD/MMC/CF/MS auto detect and auto run, plug and play
* Supports up to 4GB memory size in PSP
* Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3-state status indication
* Can exchange the data between PC and PSP through the standard PSP USB cable, supports SD/MMC/CF/MicroDrive/MS formatting on PSP directly

Battery functions:
* Use 4 pcs AA Ni-MH rechargable batteries or 4 pcs AA normal batteries for the PSP backup power
(it's one option,all batteries not included in the retail box)
* Built-in A.I. Ni-MH battery recharge system, full battery protection and fast full charge in 12 hours
* Built-in battery charging and the force full charge indication on LED display
* Built-in battery mode switch, can select the Ni-MH battery or normal battery
* Supports infinite Ni-MH battery capability (nowadays up to 3800MA/h X4)
* Multi DC power input, can use the PSP DC adaptor / car DC adaptor and PC USB cable to charge the batteries
* Supports the force full charge mode, can force full charge and doesn't matter how much battery power is available

PSP Pad functions:
* Anti-Shock
* Ergonomic design, you can play the PSP like a SONY PS2 joypad for a more familiar and comfortable gaming experience

PSP kickstand function:
* Built-in car mounting bracket, you can use the PSP in your car with a stable display
* Come with one extra fixup kit

Product specifications:
* Acts as a CF card, Microdrive and Micro HD converter all-in-one. You can use any type of card/drive just like you will use a standard Memory Stick!
* CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/Memory Stick auto detect and auto run: Plug and play!
* Support up to 4GB memory size on PSP.
* Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3 states status indication.
* The 2in1 Mini-converter can exchange data between PC and PSP through any standard PSP USB cable. It supports direct CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/MS formatting on PSP.

Operating instructions:
[1] plug the soft cable into your PSP;
[2] Plug one SD or Mini-SD or MMC or RS-MMC or CF or MicroDrive or Micro HD or Memory Stick to the corresponding slot;
[3] Turn on PSP and play!


Hi to all,
can Dr.Neo tell us what the button "MODE" we see in that photo is for?

Best Regards


[1] the MODE is for FORCE RECHARGE,it mean you can force it start recharge the batteries even it's have energy still. the LED will turn to fast RED flashnig when it enter FORCE RECHARGE mode.

[2] the ON/OFF switch is for select the battery working mode,it have 2 function:
[a] when the recharge system working,then this switch is for select ENABLE RECHARGE or DISABLE RECHARGE;
when you using the NEO-PAD batteries to supply the power to PSP,then it'll become BATTERIES BOOTING mode,it mean if your PSP can't power on,then you can swap it to make PSP power on.

can you please tell me more about the  ...

* Uses any SONY MS to boot

Best Regards



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