Author Topic: Neo Microdrive Compatibility for Devhook .41 a/b/c/d -- PLEASE HELP!!!  (Read 5637 times)

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As you know, the latest releases of Devhook are friggin' sweeeeet! ::sm-18.gif::
I'm so excited to be able to load the latest games, use wifi, and use the browser (without crashing) because it can fully emulate the 2.5 firmware and "trick" the PSP into thinking 2.6 and 2.7 games are only 2.5 too!  I've never been so happy to have a 1.5!!!   :)   ;D

So you know what really sucks?  It's not compatible with microdrives!   >:(

I know there are a few different NEO products for the PSP that have 4 GB HDD's and that there are likely to be tons of desperate people out there who are dying to get this to work!

It's been about 2 weeks since the initial release of  DH .40+, and no progress has been made.  Somebody put a "fix" up on MaxConsole, but it doesn't work.

THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS IS THAT THESE NEO PRODUCTS WILL BECOME OBSOLETE IF NOTHING CHANGES!!!  ...not to mention pretty much any PSP peripheral that uses a microdrive. :'(

Is there any way that the NEO dev's could hook-up with Booster (Devhook's coder/programmer) to help him solve this problem? 

The only thing that seems to work at all is to use a swap-trick with a memory card.  Here's some links about the swap-trick for the Datel one-- not sure if this works with the Neo 8-in-one or others.  Please submit any findings!

Maybe you guys could figure out WHY this works and tell Booster?  Heck, if you can get the source code (not sure if it's available), the Neo team could make their own edits and solve the problem that way too.  With more people working on it, especially those who have a specialized understanding of the hardware, I bet this problem could be tackled in no time!

Please help!   Thanks!