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ATTENTION! If you are gaming website admin ......

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ATTENTION! If you are gaming website admin or mod and you got the FREE NEO Kit but don't make the  NEO Kit review in ANY reason, you will lose the chance to get the new NEO serial products again in the future, please keep your chance!  >:(

Of course,if you are nds developer,you don't need to make the review,but if you can make,it'll be best  ;D

You should post a list of people that didn't fallow through on what they said they would do, so those people know who they are..

Maybe call it a "Scammers" list. or "I lied to you, to get a free NeoFlash" list.  or something like that.

I am reviewing each site on the neo members list to see weather which site has done review and have our banners on their site ..

will be posting it in the forum soon

And those of us who wrote a review but was asked not to post it here, are we blacklisted automatically?
Sounds like a very effective way to ensure you get nothing but positive reviews.

Yo Neo!! :D I will make my review/manual as soon as it arrives :) uhm a question... how long does it take to get from there to holland? It's been 6 days now  ;D can't wait!


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