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NEO2 Menu v1.31 RC3 [4-23-2007]

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NEO2 Menu v1.31 RC3 [4-23-2007]

New in this version:
* Re-write the save core,support more roms now.

Nice and all, still get the annoying freezing :(. Lucally I have a mk5 ^.^, I would like to see a way to use the neo2 for gba and a memory expantion...

somthing is wrong with the link

I bet with all the downloads some people are gona try putting this on there MK5!

Update link is fixxed now..

I was under the impression that the new menu would solve the freezing problem?  Did I really just wait 3 months to get new rom support?  When can we expect some sort of attempt to fix the issues that matter?

can this new neo2 menu work on the MK3??? or be ported to the MK3???
In order to do this will I need to keep the neo2 in the gba slot for MK3 to do this then do game linkage with the neo2 and the MK3 as well as the donor slot???


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