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Doctors recommend "deep breathing" to eliminate "old air" in the lungs to help r



Humans breathe an average of 20,000 times a day, and respiratory expert Dr. James Hoyt of the University of Colorado in America says breathing is very important to health.

He said the respiratory muscles were active all day, every day, pg until the day we died. By these muscles Located from the nose area where we inhale air To the chest And the diaphragm area
Breathing in Through a deep breath Will make our lower stomach swell This can help lower your blood pressure.

Website of the Faculty of Medicine Harvard University Said to take a deep breath Can reduce stress too And allows the body system to bring oxygen in and fully release carbon dioxide
But on the other hand If we can't breathe Ee calls this inhalation chest breathing or shallow breathing, ie, to the chest. Not full lung And not deep enough for the diaphragm to expand fully

Pat said “Shallow breathing” can make you anxious and nervous.
And if breathing is not enough, "old air" will get stuck in the lungs. And the diaphragm has less space to lead “Fresher air” that comes with oxygen entering the body.

For this reason, experts Introduce the breathing method So we can Make deep breaths a habit
To begin with, find an area to sit or lie down. Then bring one hand to touch the body around the ribs. Begin to breathe deeply and slowly, the hand on your abdomen will feel the bulging of the rib. Then exhale very slowly as the hands on your body feel the slow ribs.

The doctor said This method expels the “old air” in the lungs and increases the amount of oxygen to the body.
Mr Pat James Hoyt said breathing properly. Should come with Non smoking Getting enough sleep And eat a healthy diet that will contribute to a completely positive effect on the body
If someone is breathing abnormally In addition to being a sign of concern It may refer to a different health problem.

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