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##RELEASE## [ Input Test DS (PD) (U) (080210), Binary + Source ]


Input Test DS (PD) (U)
Hardware diagnostic utility for the Nintendo DS to display debug information about pressed Buttons / D-Pad and touches on the Touchscreen. This is might be useful if someone wants to verify the sensitivity & integrity of the controls and touchscreen when buying a used console.

It's my first project on the DS, so please be patient. Anyway, i like it.

autograms later ;)

cool,it's useful tool  ~sm-76.gif~.gif

Thanks :) It's just to get warmed up. I installed the DevKiPro lately and still playing around with it. Nothing serious yet, but this will change. Since i am familiar with Assembler and low level programming i thought about to write a firmware replacement for the ****py R4\R4i SDHC Upgrade Interface but i can't find any references to execute roms from within the firmware, so it will take some time to figure it out i think.

maybe someone has an idea what to program or port for the ds ?


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