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Sega CD Multi region instructions!

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It is advertised that the neomyth cart can enable the Mega CD to be multi region by choosing a bios from the same country that matches the game you are trying to run.  The manager software includes a utility to generate myth compatible bios files to use.

The pack comes with 3 bios for mega CD1 (USA/JAP/PAL) and only 2 for mega CD2 (USA/PAL) Meaning as an owner of a megaCD2 I was unable to play japanese games  :(
I obtained the bios file for the megaCD2 japanese version, patched it with the utility and put it to the cart and I can successfully boot un-modified japanese segaCD games on my PAL mega CD!  ::sm-14.gif::

so to elaborate on the instructions provided..
1.  you will need to run a patched bios that matches the hardware that you own.  Sega CD2 bioses will not work on Sega CD1 machines and vice versa.  This is due to differences in the tray loading mechanisms.
2.  Create for yourself using the tools 2 bios files for each other region that you want to run.  you can rename the files then to tell them apart.  I call mine SCD_USA.bin and SCD_JAP  these files should be 16Mb roms instead of their original 1Mb size
3. If the patching is successful the game will boot after the sega logo.  If it is unsuccessful it will return to the sega CD bios screen.  If the region of disc is incorrect it will enter the CD player
It has worked successfully for me with every game I have tried on unmodified PAL hardware (except for one which I will explain afterwards)
4.  In theory (please can someone out there try this out and post your results!!!) this should also work with the bios files from wondermega/multi mega machines again if you obtain the bios files from these hardwares.

*Notes.  the one game I tried that didn't work so far was Sega CD corpse Killer 32X version usa.  I believe this is because although the region for the segaCD has been set to USA, the region for my 32X remains at PAL and it is already known that the myth can't yet patch 32x game regions.  Therefore this method carries the exact same limitations as the rest of the mega drive library, playing NTSC games on PAL systems and vice versa may run into speed differences glitches or import protections.  This is programmed into the games themselves and not a limitation of the myth hardware, for best compatibility you should either modify your genesis and 32x with a 50/60Hz switch, or stick to your own region of games for full compatibility.

I will make some youtube videos demonstrating the process for my website soon.  In the mean time I hope this information helps anyone trying to achieve multi region sega mega cd without modifying their consoles.

Flying Fish

Cool!  :D
 ~sm-72.gif~.gif ... Stickied!  8)

my tool patches bios automatically on write :)
there is also a region-free bios

hey what does that mean? Every time i wanna play a japanese  ~sm-35.gif~ game I have to flash the bios or could I then also play the US / Pal games after the flash ?


--- Quote from: Fab on November 29, 2010, 05:12:00 AM ---hey what does that mean? Every time i wanna play a japanese  ~sm-35.gif~ game I have to flash the bios or could I then also play the US / Pal games after the flash ?

--- End quote ---

You can load the SCD BIOS from SD card like any other rom. You can also burn multiple BIOSes to flash and select the one to run from the menu.

Remember that patching the region check (or using a region free bios) will not take care of any NTSC/PAL issues. A PAL CD that is written to only work on a PAL MD/MCD would need to be patched to work on an NTSC system. Hopefully the CDs you want to run only need the region bypass.


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