The 16th. NEO Project for NDS SMS4 > SMS4 is the last generation backup master for NDS game cart

NEO SMS4 in stock now!

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NEO SMS4 in stock now!

◇ New generation design, more faster and stable
◇ High speed USB Plug and Play, driver FREE
◇ 6X speed up, backup 512M ROM just need 7 minutes
◇ Support more special NDS game cart and save type
◇ Support NDS game save data backup/restore
◇ Support NDS ROM/Firmeare backup to PC
◇ Support MK6/R6 firmware update
◇ Build in 2 color indication LED

Neo2_Pro_Manager_1.08 download:

support MK6/R6 serials and the original NDS game cart


not sure what they're trying to pull over at, but i ordered an SMS4 and got instead:

NEO2 pro
NEO64 myth
NEO super md flash cart

i'm extremely angry right now.  you should really be doing business with someone more reputable.

those all showed up in 1 big bag instead of my SMS4.  the order fulfillment emails i received indicated i had ordered nothing but an SMS4 and that it had been shipped.  have you actually finished the SMS4 or what is going on here?

e: on the other hand, what they sent me is many times more valuable than what i ordered....big screw up here.  the neo 2 pro alone is a $150 item....

Sounds like your order got mixed up with Fab. Bizarre how such different orders could get mixed up like that. I imagine it happened in shipping where two orders being handled at the same time wound up with the wrong shipping sticker on the box.,6425.msg49293/topicseen.html#msg49293

amazing, thank you.

it's the shipping company make mistake in this case,they are handling this case now.
it's not ic2005 fault.  ::sm-22.gif::


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