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Neo SMS Myth Cart Official GBATemp Review Posted!

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Hi at long wait, after acquiring all the pieces and getting the photos together and everything written up, here it is:

It is a great cart and a very good find for any Sega Master System / Mark III (Japan) enthusiast.  The FM support is brilliant.  I don't have original FM to compare it to, but the sound is clean / excellent.  I was very impressed.  Very nice job Dr. Neo and good job to those who coded / developed on this product.

great job amptor

I would again like to add that anyone reading this review or contemplating buying this product that this is a very decent kit.  The FM support is very nice.  And all commercial ROMs run.  FM support is very easy to access and all you have to do is plug in speakers to the output port on the back of the device.  The FM sounds better than it did in the emulators I tried.  This turned out great. 

I'd recommend this Neo SMS Myth Cart even to people who haven't used a Sega Master System yet but are retro console enthusaists. 

excellent review, the Master system was one of my favourite consoles ever, pre wrestling on there was and is still one of my all time faves

I can't wait till you guys release this to buy. I'll be buying one very soon as well as a few other flash carts.

I have another unrelated question. Where can I buy the adapter to use SD Cards with my Neo Myth Cart?


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