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Gameboy VGM player

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This is a VGM player I've written for the original monochrome Gameboy (and Color/Light/SGB/Advance).

 You can download it and the source code here
 And you can see/hear it in action here

 It obviously doesn't cover all the chips supported by the VGM format. Only the SN76489 is emulated (used in Sega Master System and Game Gear).

 Since the waveform channel on the Gameboy only has 4 different volume settings it'll probably sound weird in some songs. Loading new waveforms dynamically to simulate 16 volume settings didn't seem like a good option.

Excellent , i've posted it on the news page  :)

And by the way , here's build instructions(for just the tool) for unix users :,6217.msg50701.html#msg50701


Awesome this works great on real gbc with a 64Mb smart card  8)

I might try to make a version for the NES. But I'll probably cheat and use the VRC6 mapper to get the extra square wave channel that's needed, so that will require either a PowerPak or an emulator. The only other way I see of doing it is to have a DPCM sample for each frequency/volume combination (16384 in total) and use something like MMC3 to swap in different samples dynamically, and that doesn't seem like a good solution to me :P

It would be interesting to see a vgm player for the NES , but have you thought of making a sound chip emulator and then
do vgm playback engines for more advanced hardware ?

For example , some target platforms would be : n64/ps1/saturn/dreamcast/ps2/xbox/(even .. pc) (you get the idea , porting the code would be easy)


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