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hi all, where can I find XG2 Flash lite drivers? thanks a lot


hi all, I found my XG2 flash lite card and GBA out of a drawer, but Unfortunately the driver is lost anymore. I hope that I can review the old memories by this GBA.

The website has been already closed. And after a testing, the NEO_MAX doesn't work.

I wonder who can upload a driver for this flash card? and thanks a lot. :->

Your google-fu is WEAK, old man!  :D

It saves under the wrong name (download.php) - just rename it to and it checks out fine.

The web page that is from is archived here:

thanks a lot. it's not my "google-fu" weak, but our "fire-wall" is too strong.

i can't open both of the links. but also thank u very much. I will keep attempting in other ways.

I'll go ahead and attach it here.

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