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New SNK ARCADE MVS Magic Key released!

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Hello I am french and I own a Magic Key 2. I've got a question:
Is it possible to go the "General Bios Settings" (who normally is in in each unibios) because I would like to configure the number of credits in game(the "Cheat Database" only permit to have unlimited credit". Thanks for your answer.

no, you just can select the "unlimited credit" in the magickey cheat code menu.

this converter is near perfect, but in our french Neo Geo forum, we found several problems on these games :

- Pulstar: the activation of several cheats is rebooting the game
- Super Sidekicks: Controller doesn't respond after a few minutes
- The King Of Fighters 01: the menu is inactive if the bios is enabled
- World Heroes: the game starts only if the bios is disabled

The link of the test :

I don't know if a software update is possible to fix them ?

i think you need change your SNK ac adapter ,to test again.

Lol !
We are 10 to have these problems, I use a new custom ac adapter...


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