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News Roms Mega Drive: Beggar Prince English, no save.

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Hello, do not know if someone in the community knows, but recently succeeded dumped the game "BeggarPrince" look in the underground-gamer (other news ROMS left unreleased beyond this and have to have to download and registration is downloaded by Torrent) or Google, testing the program "Neo2 Manager Pro 1.20 the PlugDemo "the game until it works, but I do not know if it's the Rom (maybe some protection despite dumped) or if the program needs updating, but passing on some parts of the game, from nothing back on the presentation screen, and the impossibility of saving someone else's site know if there is some kind of attachment for the game to work right?
Taking advantage of every time I test the ROM (with the same programs) game "Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition", a screen appears orange, how do I make this game work? Already the Super Street Fighter II works normally.

Already, I await a reply and thank you for the attention.

Most folks won't comment on Beggar Prince since it's still relatively "new", much like folks won't comment on Pier Solar. I certainly won't comment on it.

Street Fighter II SCE works fine for me... maybe your rom image is bad.

Would pass the link of a good Rom of StreetFighter II SCE or how to get the ROM for me?
You already tested the ROM in BeggarPrince Flashcart Mega Drive? I await response and thank you for attention.


--- Quote from: julhao244 on May 13, 2013, 08:37:10 AM ---Would pass the link of a good Rom of StreetFighter II SCE or how to get the ROM for me?

--- End quote ---

Use a search engine, such as google :
"@Search query : Super street fighter 2 mega drive rom"

Conle, the ROM of Super Street Fighter II (U) works perfectly with the program I'm using, the problem is with the ROM of the "Street Fighter II '- Special Champion Edition (U) version CRC32 13FE08A1" when I enter the game , the fully screen turns orange instead of entering the game. The program used is "Neo2 Manager Pro PlugDemo 1:20," which appears on TV as "Neo Super 32X/MD/SMS Menu v2.9".
Have some knowledge of this same game with different CRC32 code (you can check the code CRC32 when zipped), type other Rom or latest plugin?


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