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NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2013 for all retro platform announcement

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wow, i'm starting a new minigame just now. hopefully i'll be able to partecipate with something completely new!

Looking forward to participating!  ~sm-76.gif~.gif Already coding up a 3D portion to some code I released a few months ago on my Github for the DS, so hopefully I find a way to get some nice models for it before then ^^  Happy to see some activity for the homebrew community still!  ;D :)

I haven't started yet but I'll try. Good to see the comp still going. I agree with the others about the rules and the need for official judging templates.

I wonder if a wii homebrew would have any chance in this compo?   ~sm-93.gif~.gif

Quick question: I have an application I finished a few months ago.  Would I be allowed to enter that (along with some other new apps) into this?


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