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NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2013 for all retro platform announcement

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If you have a public poll, you'll get a lot more info on how to rate all the entries. While that is good, if you don't set some standards, you'll have to convert most of them into a set standard for determining the winners. What is needed is a set standard - what areas to grade the entries in, and what values to assign each area. That way they all conform and you just have to sum the totals to get the winner.

Example: Not a good example, but just showing what I mean...

Judging Games:
Playability (fun): 0 to 30 points
Originality: 0 to 30 points
Graphics: 0 to 10 points
Sounds: 0 to 10 points
Control: 0 to 10 points
Open source: 5 points
First time entry: 5 points

That gives a total of 100 points, where certain areas are worth more than others - namely how fun the game is and how original the game is. Apps would have a slightly different set of guidelines, like useful instead of fun as one of the areas for judging. By setting a standard and giving the range of points that can be assigned, it means that judging should be more uniform and clear as to how each judge thinks the entry did.

Anywho, that's my suggestion on this matter.  ::sm-09.gif::

I am glad to hear there will be another competition, i look forward to seeing all the new games that will be created.


--- Quote from: Dr.neo on June 26, 2013, 05:03:50 AM ---we will open the public poll again.

--- End quote ---
Could be good. I just would hope it doesn't turn into a popularity contest. I wouldn't think that would happen, but it's possible.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the community anyhow though. Makes this compo that much more appealing.

Is there any particular template for submissions? We're quite ready...  ::sm-11.gif::

wow I wasn't expecting the compo to go on for another year, this is awesome. I really admire your dedication to the homebrew scene Dr.Neo, this is seriously fantastic. I'll most definitely be entering a game, and hopefully it'll be a good one !  ::sm-24.gif::


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