Author Topic: My MK2 is not working and Neoteam tells me to post in this forum...  (Read 7305 times)

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Well... again, here I am.
Is about to 1 year that I bought my MK2.
I have a EZFlash2 gba card and... I can run all the menus of the MK2/3, but none of them can read from the SD card. I've tested with TOO MUCH SD cards... so it's not the problem. If I flash a game to the GBA card, such as Nintendogs (the only one that works for me), then I can run it from the GBA... but the size of my GBA card is 256 Mbit, so it's a small size for other purposes...
Well... that's all... I have a MK2 that doesn't work... I've been waiting since October... and nowadays I can't use the MK2.
Great... and Neoteam tells me to post here... Why???

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MK2/3 can't run commercial roms from SD.
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Well, it seems that your MK2 works, dump a Rom from a cart you own, flash your MK2 with it, does it then run correctly?

My brand new MK3 doesn't run clean roms (unmoddified dumps) straight from the SD too. Perhaps there is some tools to crack roms so they can run directly, but i don't know them.

If roms still don't run from your MK2 internal flash, first make sure they are clean, corrupted roms are more than usual on the net.

To verify on another unit, you can directly mail me links to the file's download place, french law allow me to download a rom of a cart I don't own and use it for a limited time of 24h before destroying it, as a trial.