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Nickname: leinad  [a.k.a. n00bey]
Project name : DSBash
From : Germany
Division : NDS APP
Original enterty : No
Support Motion :No
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : Yes, 8th
Project description: With DSBash you can browse trough chat-quote-archives.

Actualy supported: [atm down but I hope they come back -_-] , and
It's a 99% recode of the last version >.<

Note: seems to be down atm... I hope its back online asap, but while its down, you can use instead. So dont say "hey I see the menu and nothing happens"... isnt my page, I just love it and coded the reader, im not responsible for the pages the browser supports~

- Skinning added
- Auto Detecting for the DSBash folder, Put it anywhere you want to
- DLDI isnt required anymore, if you dont patch it, it uses the skin inside the rom
- and added
- Screens can be switched now
- hundred times faster - removed mass of useless VBLs during download process
- massive speedup, because now 50[], 20[], 5[german-bash random], 50[german-bash latest] quotes which are on a downloaded page are stored in the ram and can be browsed without downloading a new page every quote.
- Removed the "save to favo.txt" and bookmark function, they were so useless. Also I  dont like the risk to harm the card with mass-dldi read/writes
- Buttons can be configured now
- German only - Special characters are "translated" to ae,oe,ue now
- You can change the font size while reading now (If a quote doesnt fit on the screen ;D)
- You now can define the minimum vote value for Top-Mode in your config file [Standart / No-DLDI = 0, so no negative voted quotes are shown]

Howto[for those to lazy to doubleclick on README]

Configure WIFI with any official WiFi game like Mario Kart DS.
Copy DSBash.nds to your DS and start it.
If you dont want to use skinning or manual button configuration you dont need to patch it with DLDI.

Skinning & Advanced configuration:
To use this you have to patch the rom with DLDI or your card has to support auto-DLDI patching.

Copy the "DSBash" folder inside this archive to your card.
[Put it there you want to... the application will search on the card for the folder]
DON'T RENAME IT! The app will explicit search for  "DSBash".
Inside that folder there is a config.ini , open it in an editor.
Edit the config file as you want, I've put comments to everything, I hope they are understandable...
Note: For every skin you have to open a new tag
And then write the config for it (like the blacknwhite one)
If a skin-file is set wrong the skin inside the ROM is used.
To change the activated skin you have to edit
skin = blacknwhite;
on the top in the config file. So you can keep more than one skin-configuration in the file.

@Pictures: It has to be in the bmp format, 24bit or 8bit.

If you dont use the configuration file, here the standart button-config:
Up/Down: Next/Previos quote
A = Switch the screens
Select = Reduce font size
Start = Increase font size
Top quote / random quote / Latest quotes = Not defined. the standart buttons are very big ;)
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