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Important about your USB cable!

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How to install the USB Slim Loader III:

[1] Close all firewall(specially the NORTON) and virus
protection software.

[2] Firstly do NOT plug in the USB Slim Loader III in PC
before you run the install file.

[3] Run install file,the default installation path is
" c:\Neo Power Kit " , please DO NOT change this path
to avoid any software problem.

[4] After installing the program, plug in the USB Slim
Loader III to the PC, the system will auto recognize it and
show " UNKNOWN USB DEVICE " , thenĀ  specify the USB
driver patch to " c:\Neo Power Kit\USB_Driver " manual.

[5] When you see the GREEN LED flash 1 time and RED LED
flash 3 times and hear one sound, it means the USB driver
install has finished, and now your USB Slim Loader is ready.

[6] Important: If your PC can't recognize the Slim Loader
III, please try to plug it into backside of PC motherboard's
USB port directly, if it works, it mean your PC's front USB
port or USB extension cable can't support enough hi-speed
USB data transfer rate for Slim Loader III, now you HAVE TO
use one real USB2.0 HI-SPEED extension cable or one USB2.0
USB HUB to add length for it. The Slim Loader III is true
USB 1.1 FULL SPEED running at 12M/Sec, normal USB 1.1 cables
cannot allow it to work smoothly.

well, after some test, i can say that it doesn't work very well on my Asus A7n8x deluxe motherboard (either front or rear usb and  with or without usb extention cable) but work like a charm on my jetway barebone.

I don't think it really runs at usb2.0 neoflash 512 takes approx 350 seconds for 128mbit, so that works out to about 45 KByte/sec or 375 KBit/sec.

Do you guys have the USB 2.0 drivers for your motherboard? Sometimes they're not enabled by default, or you have to download them from the site (I know I had to, and now 100Mb file transfers to my mp3 player only take a few seconds, when they used to take up to a minute)

By the way in point #6, it says "The Slim Loader III is true
USB 1.1 FULL SPEED running at 12M/Sec, normal USB 1.1 cables
cannot allow it to work smoothly." -- shouldn't it say "The Slim Loader III is true USB 2.0 FULL SPEED?"

It's 1.1 full speed,if you use the normal USB1.0 cable or you use the front USB port,you have chance to find the difference.


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