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Keep in mind, the only other GBA Flash cart I have used is the EZF-Advance III 256Mb.  There is a NIGHT AND DAY difference.  This is a VERY nice kit.

So, let's start from the beginning.  The package is very small, and packed very well.  Box art is exactly as shown on original web site

Packaging inside the box is nicely organized and well thought out

So, first step was to install the battery.  My hands had a little problem getting the battery tray out, but once it was out, inserting the battery and popping it back in was a snap.  Next was to install the software (downloaded from the ), installing was easy as any other product, though I wish it would have defaulted to C:Program Files instead of just the C:drive.  So, I opted to change that, as I don't like apps on my root.  So, after changing the install path, I just clicked on "Install" and away it went.  First thing I noticed is that it didn't add Start Menu or Desktop Icons.  That definatly needs to be added in the next release.  I just added shortcuts to the main program, NDS_Mode.bat, and GBA_Mode.bat to my desktop.

Now, let's connect the USB Slim Loader III.  First thing you'll notice is how nicely designed it is.  The short connected USB cable folds into the loader to make it easy to carry in your pocket, and the USB extention cable is nice if you need it.

So, the first thing you see when you connect it is the Windows Device Wizard.  Installing the drivers was a snap.  Just select to show it where the files are, and browse to C:Program FilesNeo Flash PowerkitUSB_Driver and it takes care of the rest.

So, I click the NDS_Mode.bat to make sure we are in NDS mode, and launch the program.

At first glance, the application looks a little confusing, but is really easy to use.

But, I did hit a roadblock right from the beginning.  Maybe it's my lack of GBA Flash cart experience or that there isn't a manual, but I didn't realize I needed to remove the DSBooter already listed on the cart before adding more.  I though it was the DS header or something that needed to be written with the NDS homebrew I was trying to add.  EZF-A III auto erases every time you load a new rom, so you don't have to remove anything before writing the next game.

Anyway,  Adding and burning a rom is 3 easy steps, as shown below:

Remove Rom

Pick Rom

Burn Rom

Pull the NeoFlash out of the linker, pop it into the GBA port on the NDS, insert the Magic Key with game in the DS port, and bam.  Your playing Homebrew games without a problem.  No error messages, No white screens, just good old fasion Homebrew FUN!

Yes, Neo Flash allows you to play backups of your roms.  But, it doesn't allow you to make backups of your roms.  As this site ( is about Homebrew, please do not ask questions regarding playing or making backup roms.


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