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What's with the lack of homebrew, guys?

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I've entered this competition three times in the past two years and have supported the scene since the beginning. It's rather weird to be seeing only 8 entries in application section and 11(?!) entries in game category?

The Neoflash competition for years has sparked interest and given incentives for people to program homebrew more and more. Now with the opening of several RETRO platforms (SNES, N64, iPhone), people should be all over these competitions.

What's up, guys?

The site has been having a lot of downtime recently and there hasn't been much publicity on news sites for this competition as there was in the early years. NDS and PSP were the most popular catagories but they have been out for years now. Most coders have lost interest/already had their fun with those platforms (some even moved onto iOS/Android/paid work) or many people just prefer to release homebrew outside of competitions.

I really wanted to port some games to SNES/N64/MD but just didn't get the time.

The iOS/Android developers should really enter these competitions just to get some publicity for their apps.

It's true that this year NeoFlash competition hasn't been that much in the news compared to PSP Genesis, for example. Qj hasn't even been announcing any NEO Compo 2011 entry in their website.

Ah I see, that's unfortunate...

Either way, I'll be coming back every year to show my support, been hooked on homebrew development since the day I started.

Yes, I have to admit that I didn't find out about this year's comp until a few weeks ago, and I've entered into the past 5! It's a shame that it hasn't had much publicity this year. Also, the site was down for a couple of days which made me worry that I couldn't post my entry on time! Perhaps there should be a two-day extension to the deadline to compensate for the downtime?


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