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Should we keep to run the NEO COMPO in the future?

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Here is the public poll for collect the coders wish , we will make the final decision of NEO COMPO...

Welcome to leave your personal thought,don't care what choice you have choosed .

I will participate to the next neo compo 2012

I spent 9 months trying to undersand how a Super Nintendo works and how can I code a game only with ASM and I was very happy to discover that my game can participate to a contest and so , have a feedback on the job done :D

So please don't stop it, for the next compo I will try to push the Super nes on her limit (if it has one :D )

But maybe for the next competition we can help to promote that.
I'm located in France. When the 2012 compo open , I can go to differents french developement/video game forum to promote this contest. And so, there will be more game/app.

But I think it's important for developers working on old plateform to have a contest available for them.

As long as the NEO compo is open, I will enter 8)

A compo it's always a festival for amateur coders. If a new compo celebrates, i will join in ^^

This is my first your attending this contest. Hopefully it won't be my last.  ;D


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