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To all winners 2011

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To all winners 2011

firstly, please tell us WHAT YOU WANT for your prize here;

secondly, please follow this format to PM me your full details IN THIS FORMAT and with phone number:


Hi dr.neo!
here's my info:

My nick name:
NEO Compo Division : APP or GAME?
My project name :
I won NEO Compo Position : No.?
My prize value is : USD$???
Option1 - I want the PAYPAL cash, my paypal account is:
Option2 - I want this same value goods from ic2005:

My Full Name: 
Zip Code:
My Phone number: (??) ??  *** it's for DHL only ***
My CIF number : *** it's for Brazilian/Spanish only***


Important notice:
[1] If you don't PM us your shipping details in 1 week (until 26th.Sep 2011) , you will lost your prize forever.

[2] if you don't follow this complte format to PM us (specially without the TEL number), we will reject to ship the prize to you because it'll make us trouble when we try to ship out the parcel.

 ~sm-60.gif~.gif ~sm-60.gif~.gif ~sm-60.gif~.gif ~sm-60.gif~.gif ~sm-60.gif~.gif ~sm-60.gif~.gif


I'm taking the money, $500 + $200 via paypal. Thanks Dr.neo !  ::sm-29.gif::

We take the prize as PayPal-cash $100 + $100 = $200. I PM my details to you Dr.Neo soon. Thank you for organizing the NEO COMPO!

Paypal cash please ($100).  ~sm-56.gif~.gif

these time I'll choose Paypal cash $300. I already pm my details to Dr. Neo. Thanks again for all!


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