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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2011 final result!

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The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2011 final result!     
After some works (busy for upgrade whole server), here we are pleased to announce the final result of the Neo Retro Compo 2011, congrats to all winners! Thanks for your support and contribution to let us can hold this contest so long time!         
   The APP division, total 8 entries   Author   Prize
No.1   [N64 APP] Myth64 Video Player   by Conle   USD 500.00
No.2   [DS APP] U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test   by DesertDog   USD 300.00
No.3   [PSP APP] PSP Music Center   by RNB_PSP   USD 200.00
No.4   [PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0   by nakano   USD 100.00
No.5   [NDS APP] TuneItDS   by SimplexProductions   USD 100.00
No.6   [NDS APP] Wildlife Greenhouse   by SimplexProductions   USD 100.00
No.7   [NDS APP] WhatTheHex   by x711Li   USD 100.00
No.8   [PSP APP] pspythagoras   by JamesC   USD 100.00

   The GAME division, total 12 entries   Author   Prize
No.1   [NDS GAME] DScraft   by smealum   USD 500.00
No.2   [NDS GAME] Mind Maze - Neo Compo 2011 Entry   by NightFox   USD 300.00
No.3   [NDS GAME] Arsenal   by smealum   USD 200.00
No.4   [PSP GAME] REminiscencePSP v0.2.1   by Sektor   USD 100.00
No.5   [SNES GAME] MegaFamilyBros V1.0   by dieudunet   USD 100.00
No.6   [NDS GAME] Flyin'   by ds   USD 100.00
No.7   [Wii & GC GAME] Toy Wars   by davidgf   USD 100.00
No.8   [NDS GAME] Super Smash Bros Crash! DS    by miguel28   USD 100.00
No.9   [PSP GAME] Hamtaro Holidays v2   by leviadragon   USD 100.00
No.9   [NDS GAME] Everyman   by algraphics   USD 100.00
No.10   [PSP GAME] Spacial Wars!   by 10$man   USD 100.00
No.10   [PSP GAME] Company v1.0 - Story Edition   by nakano   USD 100.00

Top 3 Neo Reviewer:      Prize
NEO COMPO 2011 Reviews By Aleomark: forum and magazine style!    by Aleomark   USD 300.00
NDS Reviews    by DesertDog   USD 200.00
NDS + N64 reviews    by sanni   USD 100.00

   Total prize amount: USD 4100.00     

We will ship the prize in next weekend, please tell us what you want for your prize, you can choose the PAYPAL USD cash, or can choose the same value goods from , just same with last Neo compo.         

Post your wish to here:,7174.0.html
Because  this compo got a very limit entries ,so we can't sure should we keep to run the 2012 compo still or not, maybe the 2011 compo is the last one contest we can keep to running,  please give out your opinion ---,7146.0.html

good luck to everyone.

Wow, I didn't think I'd get two top 3 spots  ~sm-66.gif~.gif
Thanks for everything neoflash, and congratulations to all winners !  ~sm-42.gif~

^Congrats smealum and all the other winners! Again the minecraft concept proves it's worthy like in PSP Genesis Competition.

Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations to all, especially to smealum.  ~sm-42.gif~


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