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Will there be a NEO Compo 2012?

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Well, I just wanted to stop by because school is out and I was hoping Dr. Neo had decided to do another competition!
I don't see anything about it yet, but I just thought I would ask, if there was a chance that there could be a 2012 compo?

Like suggestions said, we understand $4100 is alot of money to be giving out. If you want to host a contest and cut down the prizes so only 1st 2nd and 3rd get a prize that could be more affordable and I would still join!

Same thing for me, really want to know about compo this year. I've got lot's of ideas for NDS , SNES consoles.

I will participate with or without money on the price... The most important thing it's we can have a compo.

Yeah, I'll join in again this year too. I've entered the past six competitions - no point stopping now :)

Even if the prizes are smaller or not at all, it would be great to see a competition to show off what the coders in the homebrew scenes can do


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