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The SEGA MKIII 256M myth cart released

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The SEGA MKIII 256M myth cart released

final SPEC:

* real FM sound output
* support the rom up to 16M
* support the Multi games, choose game on TV menu
* support all save type
* download games from USB to NEO2 cart via Slim Loader IV
* upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB via Slim Loader IV

the product looking

front view

back view, support FM sound output

the retail packing

how to burn SMS games:

[1] download the MKiii  BIOS file pack first: , unrar it. and you need Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.11  also (download: ) .

[2] use Myth flash cart Pro programmer v1.11 to format the MKiii cart as MD mode:

[3] specify the MKiii BIOS path to the "NEOSEGA4.BIN" BIOS file, and add "NEOSEGA4_Menu-Back.SMS" this file as the FIRST ROM, after it you can add other SMS game to it, then start to burn.

[4] after burn complete, link the AV cable like this way, then can plug into your SEGA SMS console, enjoy it!


Good news.
Time to start working on the SMS menu again soon..

About time  ^-^
Oh , and by the way , for those who are interested , there's already a "prettier" version of the menu on the google code project(  :)

so nice, i think CW's SD menu should ready soon too  ~sm-63.gif~.gif

So its finally  ready! New flashcart for retro consoles are always nice, this time testers weren't asked, hope to win some price to get one and write a review


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