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contest: NDS APP - Yetibrowser - By: Smealum
« on: March 20, 2006, 05:24:50 AM »
here's YetiBrowser, a MK2/3 SD file browser/reader/editor/viewer. :)
Please CAREFULLY read the readme to know how to use it ;)
YetiBrowser 1.0
Functionnalities :
- Browse your SD/MMC's folders
- Open and edit any text file
- Open .mod music files (you can find free mod musics at )
- Open .jpg image files
- Open .gif(animated or not) image files
- Delete files
- Write with either a keyboard or with handwriting recognition

How to use :
Booting the .nds file directly from the SD using MK2/3 will NOT work ! (it'll boot, but no stylus...)
You have to flash it to a gba cartridge (for example, neoflash, using a slim loader) and than boot it from it with the MK2/3 in the DS port (i tryed with Neomax cartridge and G6flash, works perfectly)

R : Space bar
L and B : Backspace
Up/down : Scroll text
A : Show/Hide keyboard (shows Handwriting forms list)
X : Delete file
Y : Clear written text (Not in edit mode)
Start : - In edit mode, quit without saving
- In image viewer, quit
Select : In edit mode, quit with saving

To really use this program, you just have to put your files on you SD/MMC and launch the program !
(note that you can create text files or folder directly from the program)
Graphics and code by smealum.
Thanks to (especially alekmaul, bibite (:P), thoduv) for BIG help in debug. :)
Made with PAlib and Chism's driver  :-*