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contest: NDS APP - DS2Key - By: sypherce
« on: March 20, 2006, 11:44:46 AM »

DS2Key 0.4
DS2Key makes your DS act as a pc controller traveling through the wifi to your router and to the pc, theres a pc application and a ds application that talk as a client/server.

This is a full rewrite without refrence to the code prior to it as I lost it all. Theres now a gui and I fixed some bugs with the mouse support. This is a client side only release, it's compatible with the old 0.3 server.

All I have is a supercard so I'm not sure if mmc works properly. I included .ds.gba and .nds of both types, supercard/gbamp/m3 cf and mmc.

Download the format you need, ones with mmc support mmc the others support cf. The instructions are in readme.txt located in the zip files.
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