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finally , NEO SUPER MK3/MD5/32X 3in1 Flash Cart will release

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Incredible!!! Miracle!!!

Thanks, Thanks ,Thanks!!  :D :D :D

I want one!!!!

I really hope this is coming out. I have been waiting for years! I really like my tototek md-pro flash carts and super magic drive, but this looks more interesting.

Dr Neo,

Will you be able to use a Neo2 SD flash cart with this?

*Waits with money in hands*. This is for you, as soon as the cart is available.

wonderful news!

Will you add S.V.P DSP support for playing Virtua Racing?
Since the detail of this DSP is completed documented and implemented by the emulator PicoDrive 1.4.The DSP chip is actually Samsung SS1601.If you add this support with Phantasy Star 4 save support and Super Street Fighter 40MBit Cart mapper support.Then your cart will be the most perfect cart in market. ::sm-14.gif::

support for the uncompressed version of star ocean (96mb) would be perfect. And neo2 SD version...


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