The 16th. NEO Project for NDS SMS4 > SMS4 is the last generation backup master for NDS game cart

the final version of NEO 3DS SMS2/SMS4 Backup Master V1.24 released

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the final version of NEO 3DS SMS2/SMS4 Backup Master V1.24 released

* Support M95xxx eeprom
* Fixed M45/M25 bug

please test and report to us   ~sm-36.gif~

Good news for bugfixes ^^

But I think I found a new bug :(

I backed up Samurai Warriors Chronicals Save Data with SMS4 Backup Master V1.22 but when I try to restore it with V1.24 my 3DS gives me "Samurai Warriors Chronicals save data is corrupted..." but when I restore it with SMS4 backup master V1.22 it is OK.


Backup up with V1.22: OK
Restore with V1.22: OK

Back up with V1.24: OK
Restore with V1.24: OK
Restore save file backed up from V1.22: Not OK

I was going crazy when it was always corrupted my save file and then I switched back to V1.22 and it worked 100%. I mean now I can backup/restore from V1.24 but I can't restore save files backed up with V1.22 in V1.24. I had to redownload V1.22, restore it with V1.22, then re-backup with V1.24 in order to restore from V1.24 properly.

Samurai Warriors Chronicals --- please give me the app working screen shot ,i want to know this game use what type save chip?  ~sm-83.gif~.gif

Hi Dr. neo,

I don't mean app gives me error on the PC. It says:

"OK: Write Data" at the bottom

But it always be corrupted when I restore it from V1.24 but it is never corrupted with V1.22.

EEPROM: 25L4001 (Samurai Warriors US)

In simpler sayings I mean the 3DS don't read the save file correctly (it says save file corrupted) when I use V1.24 but if I use V1.22 my 3DS reads the save file perfectly.

Note: I did not modify the save in any way (I know there are CRC checks) I just backup then restore it and I get a "corrupt save" message from Samurai Warriors Chronicles if I use V1.24 but again it reads OK IF I use V1.22

please test the new v1.25 version:,7123.0.html


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