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NBA Jam Tournament Editon 32X

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I can play it in my Myth, but It won't record my game. Same for the MD version. I couldn't find any saving rom, is it very dificult to hack it like Megaman Willy Wars or Wonderboy in Monsterworld to use SRAM instead of EEPROM?

you can press A, enter the OPTION page, in there you can find the save type option,select the right one then run it.
like the "Wonderboy in Monsterworld" you need select to the EEPROM to run,then save will work.

I'm afraid it's not that simple, Dr. Neo. The exact [!] NBA JAM TE 32X rom doesn't work in the Myth MD because of EEPROM issues, it boots to a black screen if I'm nor mistaken. This game has a different kind of EEPROM that didn't use to work even in emulators some time ago. A hacked version of the rom is needed in order to boot the game in the NEO MD, but the hack completely disables the saving funcionality. The NEO plugin automatically patched the game to boot in Myth, but it disabled save ram too. The Mega Drive version suffers the same issue.

--- Quote from: ChillyWilly on April 12, 2010, 07:10:12 AM ---Okay, to get NBA Jam TE 32X working, load the file into a hex editor, go to offset EEC, and look for the data 60FE. Change that to 4E71 and save. Make sure there is no save ram set and run. It should work now.

--- End quote ---

Anyway, thanks for helping.

i need say thanks to CW too  ~sm-55.gif~.gif

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