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News Roms Mega Drive: Beggar Prince English, no save.

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I already said I won't comment on any "new" roms.

As to the other game, an MD5SUM value would be more useful. The one I tried is 94c07e0d90ecb7a7745d5eec376b1d61, and I think it was part of the NoIntro set.

ChilyWilly Sorry, did not understand what u mean. You refers to the game "Beggar Prince"?
which program that you used to enter all these codes? I await your response. ~sm-64.gif~.gif


--- Quote from: julhao244 on May 15, 2013, 01:30:55 PM ---ChilyWilly Sorry, did not understand what u mean. You refers to the game "Beggar Prince"?
which program that you used to enter all these codes? I await your response. ~sm-64.gif~.gif

--- End quote ---

I won't help people trying to get or run new games like Beggar Prince or Pier Solar.

The long code is the MD5SUM of the SF2SCE rom I run. You need something that calculates the MD5SUM, like MD5SUM, to get the MD5SUM of a file. Most folks use MD5SUM values to identify files rather than CRC since MD5SUM is more unique and thus less likely to cause misidentification of files.

You can find a Windows version of MD5SUM here:

If you run linux, MD5SUM will either already be installed, or in the repository for your distro. You would just open the package manager for your distro and install it.

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