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Re: HtheB should not win
« Reply #45 on: April 17, 2007, 12:45:38 AM »
I never said to take away prizes from the PSP APP entrants, just that there were 10 prizes planned but only 7 entries, so that means there are 3 prizes (out of a total of 10 for that section) that Neoflash doesn't have to send.  I noticed there were some equal scores in the NDS Games section though, so they really gave away at least 11 prizes in that section.  They already give away more prizes than any other coding contest, so we are lucky with what we get, it was just an observation.  Originally 40 prizes total but since I think maybe 38 winners, neoflash gets to save some prizes for next contest or whatever they want to do.
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Re: HtheB should not win
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If he really just modified 15 lines of code, then there is no way in the world that he deserves the price. My 2 cents.

In the Olympics when you learn that someone "cheated" you take his medal away, that should be the same here. No merit, no prize. That's the end of it.

Let the case be settled in backstage.