The 13th. NEO Project for NDS Super Memory Stick (SMS) > The 13th. NEO Project for NDS Super Memory Stick (SMS)

The SMS2 start for sell now

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The SMS2 start for sell now  ::sm-09.gif::

◇ USB Plug and Play, driver FREE
◇ 2in1 intelligent design, AUTO detect chip type
◇ Support all original NDS Cart and R6
◇ Support nds game save EEPROM backup/restore to PC
◇ Support R6 firmware update
◇ Support backup original NDS game cart to PC

SMS2 photos:

the packing:

PC software:

order now:

Super awesome! Thanks, Dr. neo! I'm going to try and win one of these from the summer compo. Even if I don't, I'll probably buy one anyway. ;D

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