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NeoMythMenu v1.2


Here's v1.2 b1 of the Neo Myth Menu for the MD. This is the candidate for inclusion with the next official release of the Neo2 Ultra Menu, so please test it. Changes from last time include making a delay of a second while browsing the list of entries before the extended info is fetched. This is to speed up browsing when you have LOTS of files. This version should also allow you to use an SMS pad in the left port to control the menu. I'd appreciate it if someone with an SMS pad would try that. Before, you had to stick a MD pad in the right port at the same time if you wished to use an SMS pad.

This is coming down to the end of this particular menu. Other than not being able (yet) to run SMS games from the SD card, it does pretty much all I wanted from it. Other than bug fixes and minor updates that can fit, any new REAL features will go in the Deluxe menu.

I figured I'd post here as well.  I tested the menu with an SMS pad and it works.  The only issue with using an SMS pad is an inability to switch to SD storage.


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