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new version, grab it from google(2GB storage space :))

be sure to read readme before first use:

source is in svn now:


 - supports md myth and n64 myth
 - supports .smd and .bin(.md .gen) roms
 - supports .n64 .z64 .v64 and probably whatever n64 roms are there
 - correctly detects type of rom and save type for most roms(some sms roms probably
   left out, report them if you find them).
 - above means you can safely have 16 saves at a time(32 also possible,
   just not now), instead of just 4, like with official programmer
 - includes save management facility
 - roms are written correctly to the flash every time, no "verify failed" messages
   (ok, it doesn't actually verify anything, but it works without it, trust me :) )
 - runs on winxp, vista, win7, and linux. work on 32bit and 64bit machines(there
   might be some problems with 64bit, for windows you'll probably have to compile
   native x64 application from source).
 - according to this,5914.msg44602.html#msg44602
   also works on intel mac.
 - actually you can run command line version pretty much everywhere if libusb
   is ported there. gui client supports windows, linux and macos.

known problems:

 - progress indicators do not work properly - ignore them for now,
   it doesn't affect functionality in any way
 - bad blocks ignored for n64 roms - if you have any bad blocks,
   probably you will not be able to complete any n64 game
   this is a hardware limitation, so it won't be fixed soon I believe.
   as a workaround you can write 2 identical roms - when one fails,
   switch to another, or find a cart without bad blocks.
   due to above, you don't have to format the cart if you only
   plan on using n64 myth with it.
 - there is no properties dialog in this release for md roms and
   gba cart - will be added soon.

changes from the last version:
 - core updated according to changes in 3.03 official programmer, supports a bit more carts
 - fixed problem with first/last blocks on some carts
 - writing speed improved for some carts
 - fixed problem with scd_sram file

what's planned in near future:
 - archive support (7z/zip)
 - region patching
 - gg codes support

suggestions, bug reports, feature request - please, keep them coming :)

madmonkey i have a question.  :)

do you ad SNES support in your programmer, in the near future? or will the SNES never supported?


never say never :)
I'm quite busy right now with real-life work, so I've been skipping on side projects quite a bit lately, but they're not abandoned.
can't say when, but it will be done.

very nice madmonkey. :)


How to make this work on win 7 ?
I did read the readme but i don't get it, the official client recognize the cart but not the programmer.


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