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SuperMD Plugin NEO2 Edition v2.2.0.3

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And.... here's the "final" version of the SuperMD plugin :D !!
I'm saying "final" because there's nothing left to do ,
and the "future" is the Deluxe MD bios because the posibilities are endless with this cart(Here's a good chance to say a huge
thanks to ChillyWilly for his contributions), so its better to contribute code there.
Of course if there's any bug it will be fixed , but this is actually the most complete version and brings all possible features
from this level(Remember , the plugin is just a patching client :D ).
What has been changed since
Alot of things.

First of all the hackish-smd support is back.
I'm saying hackish because 512bytes are still wasted since the programmer still doesn't read back the
size of the patched memory, so im just filling the preallocated memory and then i clean up the remaining bytes at the lowest address
of it.

The detection has been improved alot and i believe that there isn't any SMS/MD/32X dump that cannot be detected.
Also , more SegaCD bios files are supported now, instead just those that Dr.Neo provided.. thanks to madmonkey's database.
Plus the plugin now uses parts of madmonkey's autopatch database and imports region unlock codes for SFII(E,J,U versions) by default,
and of course it patches the SCD Bios files automatically.The save type of some sms roms can be detected thanks to
this database , but remember its an incomplete list and cannot be considered accurate , especially with so
many dumps out there and the detection method used(md5).

The Deluxe scripted cheat format is now supported(Both ActionReplay & GG codes are supported as usual) by the plugin
and the basic and undocumented script format have been removed.
That means that you can use the cheats that you've got on your SD card with the plugin , but
don't forget that the patching is static.You cannot disable/enable options from the menu.So keep that in mind.
(( For more information on the Deluxe scripted cheat format see this:,6110.0.html ))

NBA Jam Tournament Edition 32x is now patched automatically.
The opcode that was causing issues & its address have been provided by ChillyWilly.
I do not have a 32x console to test it , but works fine on emulators plus some checks
are involved before applying the it should be fine.
A critical bug in codegenerator.cpp has been fixed.....Actually i re-wrote it :D

The plugin is now smarter , and disables critical patches(before entering the patching cycle) when applying ips files,
or in case the game have been found in the autopatch database.
That way you don't even have to think about those things ..

Lastly i modified some parts of the code for safety.
...And that was the changelog :D :D

What's included in the package:
-As usual .. all the sources
-PlugDemo.dll(The actual plugin)
-The supermd plug host Which is pretty much useless now and i use it just to test the plugin quickly
-The SegaCD RAM / SegaCD RAM + BIOS tool which allows you to create SCD RAM carts & SCD SYSTEM files compatible with MD Myth Menu & the plugin.
-All sega cd bios files
-And few other things ...

Installation & downloads:
Get the latest plugin from here :;topic=6186.0;attach=2512
V3.04 and later versions of myth programmer : Copy "plugin binaries\PlugDemo.dll" to "c:\NEO2 ULTRA MENU\Plug_In\MD\"
For the latest beta versions of myth programmer : Copy "plugin binaries\PlugDemo.dll" to "C:\Program Files\NEO2\Manager\Plug_In\MD\"
(Warning : IF you're using v1.00 ~ v1.02 version of the beta client , please make sure to use the latest binaries until the official release of v1.03)
Neo beta client 1.02fix part1 :;topic=6184.0;attach=2472
Neo beta client 1.02fix part2 :;topic=6184.0;attach=2473
(Just extract them & place the files in : "C:\Program Files\NEO2\Manager\")

Special thanks go to the following:
To all emu authors for their hard work & to those
who worked hard on the documents
ChillyWilly - Many suggestions,SRAM 68K patching concept,NBA Jam TE 32x patch code
(not to mention his support when i started learning 68000 assembly .... Thanks!  )
MadMonkey - A couple of suggestions , provided dumps ,some useful cheats, and SCD BIOS/MD/SMS autopatch database.
Dr.Neo & ShivenYu - Plugin interface & demo code.
And to the following people that have helped in the testing part in the very early stages of development:
MugenMidjet,DJoen,King of Chaos.

And that was it :D
If you notice anything unusual  O0O  O0O  O0O  O0O ....... or a bug (  ::sm-01::  ~sm-81.gif~.gif )  let me know :D :D

hi conle, thanks for your great upgrade again!  :)

yes, dr.neo said it. thanks for your work again. i will test it later...  :-*

nice!!!!  ::sm-24.gif:: ::sm-24.gif::

but I have to ask, what is special for non-sd-card users?  ~sm-64.gif~.gif


--- Quote from: keropi on July 06, 2010, 01:44:41 PM ---nice!!!!  ::sm-24.gif:: ::sm-24.gif::

but I have to ask, what is special for non-sd-card users?  ~sm-64.gif~.gif

--- End quote ---

It pretty much has most SD-menu features plus this -->,6110.0.html  ::sm-10.gif::



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