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MD myth cart + Neo3-SD cart 2011 bundle kit release

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Hello Dr.neo!

I have just ordered the MD myth cart + Neo3-SD cart 2011 bundle.
Additionally I have ordered some Neo2 512M flash carts for playing Master System games!  ::sm-14.gif::
Does this version of the MD myth cart also have the BUILD IN YM2413 FM SYSTEM to play Master System games?  ~sm-64.gif~.gif ~sm-64.gif~.gif ~sm-64.gif~.gif

Please answer before shipping the items.

Regards, Stefan

Yes, it has the YM2413. It's not the Myth that's different, it's the GBA flash cart that is different (includes a Neo3-SD instead of a Neo2 flash cart). Using the Neo2 512M flash, you should have no trouble playing your SMS games with FM. Remember that the FM chip on the Myth plays the audio through the audio input lines on the cart port (just like the 32X); this means that you don't get FM on the Nomad unless you mod it to mix those lines with the regular audio. The Nomad needs a mod in any case to play SMS games (the line to asset SMS mode exists, but wasn't connected to the cart port).

Thank you ChillyWilly.  ::sm-29.gif:: ;D ::sm-29.gif::

So everything should work out fine and hopefully I also get a V5 MD Myth and Neo3 TF version!


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