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[Guide] How to burn the MD myth menu to NEO3-SD cart

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[Guide] How to burn the MD myth menu to NEO3-SD cart

The NEO3-SD cart is a special NEO cart, there are menu flash/save ram and SD slot only but without the game flash inside, so the NEO manager will not pop up menu list when you start the NEO manager program.

Below is the correct way to burn/replace/update your NEO3-Sd menu file:

[1] Make sure you can see the correct USB device was detected by your system first in HARDWARE MANAGER:

[2] Start the NEO Manager v1.30, you can see NOTHING in there because your device is the special NEO3-SD.

[3] Goto "Memory" page and click the "Menu Wrte".

[4] Then click the "Path..." to select which menu file you want to burn to the NEO3-SD cart, please note the "Size" must match or bigger than your specify file size, if you don't know it very well, you can choose the "8Mb" option.

[5] Click "OK" button then start to burn menu file to NEO3-SD.

[6] When you can see this screen, it mean your specified file was burned to the NEO3-SD and verify passed already, enjoy it!

This guide came in handy when I got the Neo3-SD... it wouldn't format the "normal" way, and then I remembered this guide. It works perfectly.

Also, there's a new menu (v2.9) that clears up some problems with the Neo3-SD, particularly game saves.,7509.0.html

You can burn the MDBIOS.BIN file again, or you can copy the MDEBIOS.BIN file to /menu/md to boot it from the SD card.

yes,some user don't know how to burn the neo3-sd still, so they need this guide indeed.  ::sm-22.gif::

can I buy this NEO3 card

and use it on my old Neo Myth MD flashcart? It would be nice to have a card that accepts SD cards, but I don't want to buy a whole new flashcart.

yes you can.


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