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Time for an update! This version features Neo3-SD support... Dr.neo sent me one, and I spent the day making sure it worked like it should.

The main problem people had before was saving/restoring the sram. That turned out to be mostly bugs in the game save/restore code. I can't believe how buggy that code was! It was even affecting the Neo2-SD and Neo2-Pro, much less the Neo3-SD. So the new menu also features less buggy save/restore of game saves for everybody!

While working on the Neo3-SD support, I beefed up the cart identification. The hardware info line at the bottom of the browser box now shows the exact cart in use, from the very first 256Kbit rev A cart to the brand new Neo3-SD. Another change in the interface has to do with what browsers you can use: people using flash-only carts can only toggle between the flash browser and the USB mode. People on the Neo2-SD and Pro can switch between the flash browser, USB mode, and SD browser. If no SD card is in the Neo2-SD/Pro, it starts in the flash browser, and if an SD card is present, it starts in the SD browser. People with the Neo3-SD cart only get the SD browser and nothing else. You can start the Neo3-SD without an SD card, but you get the SD browser with no entries in the browser list. You can then insert an SD card and hit "START" to show the contents. Hitting "START" on the Neo3-SD ALWAYS makes it show the root directory of the SD card. It's an easy way to go back several directory levels, or to show a new card if you change SD cards. You can boot the menu from the SD card on the Neo3-SD just like on the Neo2-SD/Pro. That makes it easy to run updates - just copy the MDEBIOS.BIN file to the /menu/md/ directory of the SD card. No need to update the menu in the Neo3-SD menu flash... unless you want to, of course.

For folks just joining us here, these are just the binary files. The source, as always, is available in the google code page repository:

Most of the controls for the interface are shown at the bottom of the display. The difference between Run and Run2 is Run resets back to the menu, while Run2 resets back to the game. "MODE" will switch between the different forms of shortened names in the browser window: there is shorten on the right, shorten in the middle, and shorten on the left. "A" brings up the OPTIONS display where you can do things like set the save memory, enter cheats, etc.

As always, please report any issues you run across. We're always trying to improve the menu.

Oh, just a reminder - people can play VGM music off SD card. Even Neo3-SD folk. Just "run" the song and it will load and play. It loops forever, or until you press "C" as the message on the display shows. You can play VGMs up to 7 MBytes long. Compressed VGM files (like VGZ) are not supported - they MUST be decompressed!

EDIT: 2012/09/23 - Quick update to v2.9.1 for BRAM fixes
EDIT: 2012/09/23 - Another quick edit; this one adds a hardware info display. Press "Z" to toggle between the Help Messages and the Hardware Info Messages at the bottom of the display.
EDIT: 2012/09/24 - Fixed problem with using CD BRAM from flash.

Great Chilly!!! Thank you.

But i guess you forgot the BRAM issue, the SCD Backup RAM is detected as a regular Savestate Game in the flash!


--- Quote from: joyeux on September 23, 2012, 10:24:36 PM ---Great Chilly!!! Thank you.

But i guess you forgot the BRAM issue, the SCD Backup RAM is detected as a regular Savestate Game in the flash!

--- End quote ---

Actually, I didn't forget it at all - I made it a separate state. Before, it was a combination state of being the SMS save state + the largest size. The "largest" size was checked alone in a number of places making certain games save as the SMS state. So I added a BRAM state that is separate from the other states. There should be three states, now: MD32X, SMS, and BRAM. Maybe I goofed up the BRAM at the last moment... I'll test it again, but it should be like it was, only no longer causing certain MD32X states to be handled as SMS states.

EDIT: Updated to v2.9.1 with BRAM fixes... swear to God - I fixed these quite some time back, but somehow it got un-fixed! Very strange...

Yet another update - on Dr.neo's advice, I added some extra hardware info to the display. Press "Z" to toggle between showing the help messages or the hardware info at the bottom of the display. May come in handy when reporting bugs.

Hi... Just tried 2.9.2 (with nice Z button feature), but couldn't initialize BRAM... Am I doing something wrong? I used the 1.30 Neo Programmer, my flash is Rev. A 256kb. Tried it on a CDX, result was a black screen.

EDIT: Better Pic Added.


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