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How do I backup/restore saves with this device?


I got a NEO SMS4 to backup and restore saves from rented DS and 3DS  games. The disc was broken so I came on here and got the latest version of the save master thing and that other SMS4 manager program. I finally got the thing to show up and supposedly backup the save from Pokemon Rumble Blast but after I deleted the save from the cart and tried restoring it all I got was an empty/corrupted save. Returned that game and tried it with Pokemon Diamond with the same results. All carts were US releases.

How exactly do I work this thing, step by step directions might help... maybe I did something wrong.

1. make sure you are using the v1.26 ---,7152.0.html

2.  you upload one file (like RAR) to the game cart, and backup it up to PC, to verify your backup file is match with the source RAR file or not, if yes, then mean all hardware are working fine. if not, then mean your SMS4 or game cart eeprom have issue.

I just got around to testing it the way you mentioned.

Using Backup/Save master v1.26 I overwrote the save on my US Pokemon Diamond cartridge with a save from GameFAQs

Action Replay Max DS (1.00-1.03) Game Save (North America)
Save Game File   06/10/07   Menace160   512K
1015 - Pokemon Diamond (US).SAV

I then backed-up the overwritten save file to a new file on my HDD and then used the verify command with the file used to overwrite the file in both the "verify" and "overwrite" slots and the backed-up file in the "back-up" slot.

When it finished processing it pulled up a window that said "OK: Check". Since I used a legit save file to test it with I should presumably be able to open that save file at this point, but when I then tried accessing that save the game launched as if there was no save file present.

I tried to attach the following files to this post but kept getting error messages and gave up:
The source save "pokemon_diamond.dss" appended .txt to enable upload
The post-overwrite back-up "Pok?mon Diamond Nintendo_01.sav"
The file that appeared when it ran the verify command "pokemon_diamond.dss_Verify" appended .txt to enable upload

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